Want to manage your medicines effectively? Our FREE MedAdvisor App can help you!

The MedAdvisor App is a FREE App that can be run on Apple/Android devices and on the web. 

The App is designed to show you all the medications that you are taking and contains useful information such as information about your medicine and your medication history. You can set up reminders to take your medications, order your repeat prescription when you are running low and even order your prescriptions directly from the App, so there is less waiting at the pharmacy! Their is a carer mode available for people who are in charge of other people's medication. 

Please come in and ask us about getting an activation code so we can get you started with MedAdvisor. It really is like having your pharmacist in your pocket!

As a further bonus, sign up with MedAdvisor for FREE and go in the running to win a FREE iPad mini!